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儿童节Children's Day作文60词



  Children's Day英语作文一:

  very day looking forward to the “61” Children has finally come.

  Morning, 5:30 on my . My mother's face cream first serious个true face wash, and then red comb black comb Liangliang the braids, in a flower on the top bar.梳好head, draw good makeup, I look at themselves in the mirror left-right look, feel really good, they turned to the school run. As if my joy will not walk, do not know how I went to school from home.

  Went to school, teaching see hanging in front of the building to celebrate “61” Children of the huge banner, banners below are to allow us to display the broad stage of talent. We will be here to celebrate “61” International Children's Day.

  Renqing “61” event at the thunderous applause began. First, school leaders give excellent Shaoxian squadron and outstanding young pioneers, “ten juvenile Flower”, “to help learn flower” were presented with awards in recognition of advanced, next is our children's talent show, performances.

  The first one-year program are the chil黑龙江治疗癫痫的药物要注意哪些事项dren as “61” section of the clapping song rehearsal. Only a small lively Student beautiful, full of energy ahead. Liang opened their voice to sing hard, hard shot with open hands, small hands beat red. The second program is the sixth grade, Big Brothers and Big Sisters performing chorus. They lined up a huge team, bright open -like voice, singing, crying to celebrate “61.” At the time singing, laughter, applause, music passed fast. The play has been our fifth grade. We must use the joy of dance to celebrate “61.” Standing on the platform, I do not know how good my jump, but I saw the audience of teachers and classmates are looking at our laughter towards our applause. After the U.S. dance , Xu sweet for everyone classmates sang “Solar Rain” theme song, her sweet voice with their own resounding solo to celebrate “61.” Turn to instrumental performances, and we took to go blowing clarinet Units, tracks are “painting the Carpenter”, “cowboy”, “Spring has.” Dozens of students stood on stage together blowing, sound filled the campus, applause reverberated in the campus, smiling at his face in full bloom.

  How time flies! Unconsciously program finished performing, b治疗癫痫最好十家医院ut our hearts are still immersed in the joy of holiday in a long time should not calm.

  Back home, turn on the TV I watch to celebrate “61” Highlights of the event. Original country, children all over the world with us as excited as joy, as happy, because today is the U.S. holiday, are “61” International Children ah!








  Children's Day英语作文二:

  There are happy"Early in the morning,sunny,sunny.My heart want to fly up to the clouds of birds,with joy.Why?Because today is our holiday" June 1" children's day.Because I also have programs,early in the morning my mother give me a good makeup,I flew to school.In school,the campus everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere of joy.Both sides of the road,colored flag flutter,the right side of the road is the varsity band,and has placed neatly.To live,only to see the stage central color sign reads," sunshine angel,Happy Six One " eight characters.This is the theme of" one".Brand is a balloon made of arch bridge,the stage is covered with a red carpet,set up around the flowers be riotous with colour,is really blew.Eight o'clock,the class lined up neatly to the scene.At this time,the principal announced the program officially started.The first program is:the song" country",there are" three·four" class performance,the strong melodious songs,let me have deep insights:our country is a big family,and every one of us in this harmonious family grow up happy.High grade big brother said crosstalk made under the stage we青海哪个医院看癫痫病看得好 laugh stagger forward and back.When the program reaches Fifth when,suddenly,the sound of drums,his big brother big sister who knock welcome drum.Oh.The original is the city leaders came to our school,brought us a present and join us to celebrate the festival.The stage performances of the performance of more vigorously.We finally turn the game,we perform the dance" silhouette girl",we took out his one's special skill,the best show,when the dance is over station sounded the applause of the heat out,our hearts are also happy," Sunshine angel,Happy Six One",today is our

  day,we sing,we dance,we are the happy sunshine angel



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